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Artist Statement


The Contemporary Landscape

The landscape has been a core theme of my artwork for over thirty years.  My recent paintings explore concurrent topics; my emotional and aesthetic response to the landscape, and the impact that human activity has upon it.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, creating plein aire paintings, on location.  These paintings serve as a vehicle for me to hone my observational, technical and aesthetic skills.  The plein aire paintings are created quickly, usually taking around 2-3 hours.  I consider them complete artworks.  I also use them as reference material(s) for larger, imagined studio paintings

My large studio paintings refer to actual topographical places, but the scenes presented are not real – they are created, imagined expressions of my passion for the landscape.  These paintings will often pose a question to the viewer - via a secondary title that references an associated “human impact-issue”.  For example, the problem of poaching wildlife is global - animals are harvested illegally in spaces set aside for them to thrive - such as national parks.

Aesthetically, my studio paintings are rooted in the tradition of 19th and early twentieth century landscape painting, notably the American Schools such as the Hudson River Painters, Luminism and Tonalism.  The 19th century French Academic Schools and Impressionism also serve as guides.